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Legal opinions

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What is a legal opinion?

Legal opinion represents the analysis of the case with possible solutions. The lawyer analyzes the legislation, jurisprudence and all the presented evidences and gives possible one or several options for decision of the problem, stating, where necessary, the positive and negative aspects of each of them.

What is necessary for the preperation of the legal opinion.

For a complete and accurate legal advice is necessary the provision of all the facts and circumstances, as well as all the evidences (documents relating to the case). Clients should keep in mind that all facts and circumstances that they provide their lawyer represent official secrecy and the lawyer has no power and cannot be compelled to disclose  it to any third party or the State. These facts can not be used as evidence in court.

What is the difference between an oral advice and a legal opinion?

Oral advice is answer to a common question (Example: “Can you prove the purchase of a vehicle with a testimony f a witness?”), which is an interpretation of the general provisions of the law, without an analysis of a specific case. The legal opinion is usually in writing and provides analysis and decision of a specific the case. (Example: I bought a vehicle from  “B.”  for $ 6000, I got an invoice from the company “K.” for the amount of $ 2000, I want to get the car back because of a problem, what are my legal options to do that?”)

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