Contact / Контакт


1. With what can be an attorney / lawyer useful ?

A lawyer can advise you on any matter relating to the law. Starting from what type of contract is more profitable to conclude with an employer, or the type of contract for mobile services, and ending with the conclusion of the loan contact, the investment in a specific business or research of counter parties. This is due to the fact that each good or service in practice is the subject of a contract – from production, through sale to its final use.

2. Can I do this without a lawyer?

Yes, until the moment when things go wrong. But sometimes the use of a lawyer so late is expensive and does not give as good results as in cases where the client has been consulted before the conclusion of the contract.

3. When should I use the services of a lawyer?

A lawyer may be necessary for the conclusion of transactions of all kinds.

4. Are the services of lawyers expensive ?

Layer services are regulated by an Ordinance, but the price is times smaller than the possible losses from an unprofitable deal. A legal opinion costs around  60 Euro, and an unprofitable lease contract may cost one or more monthly rent payments, an unprofitable contract could cost remain without work and money, an unprofitable contract for mobile services can cost many times higher bills for two years or penalties in the total amount of the annual fee for mobile services.

5. I have a written contract, which I downloaded from the Internet. Are my rights guaranteed enough ?

Unfortunately, the written agreement is only part of the evidence in a legal relationship. In fact, more important is how the contract is implemented and if there is evidence for that. In addition, for each  deal there are various possible clauses and the use of specimens is advisable to save writing the body text, but it cannot be used for all cases.

6. I have a claim for 2000 Euro, but my lawyer said that legal costs for the two instances and enforcement proceedings are 800 euro. What is the benefit to spend EUR 800 to get EUR 2000 back eventually?

When your claim request is accepted, the Court shall order the defendant to pay besides your  2,000 Euro and all your expenses and fees in the case and in enforcement ( 800 Euro), including statutory interest for the delay. So, you will get all the money you have given. The purpose is the one who is right to avoid any losses that led the case.

 7. I have a small/medium business, but I don’t have the option to pay the salary of a lawyer, and I don’t have as big a volume of legal work, to make it worth hiring another employee. On the other hand, the use of the lawyer/Attorney in each case comes out very expensive. What can I do?

You can take advantage of the service subscription legal services. This is a service contract with a minimum monthly fee of 400 euro, you can negotiate with the lawyer what number and amount of services will be included. This is an optimal option, suitable for many different occasions (drafting contracts, invitations, requests and all sorts of securities, registration of changes in companies, etc.)