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Introduction to Bulgarian Law – Table of content

This course is made for all students, who want to get a general idea of law. Here you can find information about following topics*:

1.Law – notion, system, branches

2.Legal norm – structure, types

3.Sources of law. Written and unwritten sources

4.Constitutional law – principles, system of State organs. Drafting Statutes

5.Legal families of the world – criteria, types

6.Romanistic legal family

7.Germanic legal family

8.Nordic (Scandinavian) legal family

9.Anglo-American legal family (Common law)

10.Civil law. Civil juridical relations. Natural persons. Juridical persons

11.Property law. Types of rights in rem

12.Contract law – principles, notion of a contract, types of contracts

13.Formation of contracts – ability to contract

14.Offer and acceptance

15.Construction of contracts

16.Transfer of title under different legal systems

17.Representation (agency)

18.Breach of contracts

19.Ex-contractual legal relations

20.Tort law, Unjustified enrichment, Negotiorium gestio

21.Matrimonial law

22.Inheritance law

23.Company law

24.First Company law Directive 68/151/EC

25.Basic principles of European Community Law

* These topics are part of the questionnaire of the subject “Principles of Law” in the University of National and World Economy for 2016


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