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Subscription to legal services

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What is the subscription service?

The subscription to legal services represents the current legal aid , defined by a contract between a lawyer and a client (often a trade company or a nonprofit organisation), by virtue of which the lawyer is obliged to provide the agreed by the parties type and amount of services for a defined or definable price. The type and amount of services, as well as other terms of the contract can be negotiated individually with every client.

For whom is the subscription legal service appropriate ?

The subscription to legal services is suitable for companies or individuals who have:

  • medium or large amount of concluded contracts with clients, suppliers and/or other persons;
  • many employees and/or high turnover of staff;
  • problem with the collection of overdue accounts receivable from customers and suppliers or have bank loans;
  • problems or difficulties with the public administration (municipalities, agencies, etc.);
  • frequent changes of circumstances which shall be entered in the commercial register;
  • due to the nature of its activities have frequent need of lawyer;

What is the difference between hiring a legal adviser and the conclusion of a contract for the subscription to legal services?

The differences are in the type of contract:

  • When hiring a legal counsel it is a labour contract, so the employer should comply with the labour law (payment of social security, holidays, arrangements for the termination of the contract, providing of work space, legal information systems, materials, compliance with working hours, etc.)
  • When hiring an attorney the contract is civil (meaning less restrictions), so parties can  negotiate the period,  termination conditions, the volume of services to be included in the agreed price. The cost of supplies, work space, social security payment, etc. are at the expense of the attorney.

There is no difference in the quality of the work that is done, since it depends on the knowledge of each individual lawyer.

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